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Tractor towing is a specialised task that needs skilled operators. Being a powerful and bulky machine, a tractor requires expert handling for safe transportation. Cheap Tow Trucks is a reliable tractor towing services provider in Melbourne that offers safe and insured tractor transport at competitive rates. No matter where you want your tractor to be towed in Melbourne, our team will be there to help you out.

Important Aspects of our Tractor Towing Service

As an experienced tractor towing services provider in Melbourne, we ensure that your tractor is transported to your desired location safely and on time. This is done with zero risk to people and vehicles. Here are some benefits of Cheap Tow Trucks’ tractor towing service:

  1. Flatbed towing truck: Cheap Tow Trucks offers a flatbed truck that makes the transport of your tractor easy and safe. This also ensures that the tractor is loaded and taken down without any damage.
  1. Risk assessment & protective gear: Our team undertakes a detailed risk assessment which includes timelines, weight etc. The operators use standard personal protective equipment including safety helmets and protective gear and adhere to all standard procedures.
  1. Fully-maintained tow truck: The tow truck used for the transport of the tractor is a well-maintained vehicle. This allows us to carry out smooth operations as the truck has the right pressure in tyres and all important components such as brakes & lights function efficiently.
  1. Clear ramp and trailer: The ramp and the trailer is cleaned, ensuring it is cleared of all debris, grime, oil and water. This is due because such substances affect traction and their removal avoids the tractor from sliding over.
  1. Chaining tractor safely: One of the key tasks in the transportation of the tractor is chaining it safely to the flatbed of the tow truck. We use chains and hooks of the right size for securely fastening the tractor which prevents it from rolling or sliding over.
  1. Tyre chokes & parking brakes: When required, we also use tyre chokes and parking brakes for securing the fastened tractor even more, avoiding the possibility of sliding or slipping when the tow truck is in motion.
  1. Permits, local laws & safety guidelines adherence: We are licensed professionals who offer the transportation of tractors and other farm equipment. Our team has all required permits and permission and follows the safety guidelines during the transport of your tractor.

Why Choose Cheap Tow Trucks For Towing Tractors?

We are one of the best tractor towing services providers in Melbourne. Here are some advantages you get access to with Cheap Tow Trucks:

  • Safe and speedy truck transportation
  • Experienced operators
  • Competitive rates
  • Fully insured
  • 24 hrs. availability
  • Victoria-wide towing
  • Licensed services

Cheap Tow Trucks is the name you can trust for safe and quick tractor towing in Melbourne. To get a no-obligation quote for tractor towing service and bookings, call us now on 0404 112 227 or email at [email protected].



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