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Used Boats and Caravan consignment Sales are our specialty. Speak to a member of our team today who will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your boat or caravan sale is as pain free and is as easy as possible.

The easiest way to be sure of these important weights when travelling is to use your nearest public weighbridge. Having your vehicle weighed fully loaded and your caravan, boat, camper or camper trailer with everything in them it becomes at a very reasonable cost for peace of mind when on the road.

It is a vital safety procedure to ensure your tow ball weight is correct for towing. An incorrect tow ball weight can lead to an increased chance of accidents, increase your fuel consumption and it may also void your vehicle insurance. If your tow ball weight is too heavy or too light it may contribute to a range of dangerous situations including sway, loss of traction, loss of steering control and difficulty braking safely. The Milenco tow ball weight scale is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to ensure you have the correct tow-ball download weight, every-time you take off on a trip, weight distribution is most important. It will amaze you, how packing your caravan, camper-van or boat makes a big difference.  Suitable for caravans, pop tops, boats, camper trailers and horse floats. A very small price to pay for safety.

Boats & Caravan


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