Affordable Car Towing With Top-Notch Tow Trucks in Derrimut

Do you want to get rid of an unwanted car or are you looking for heavy machinery towing services in Derrimut? With a fleet of well-maintained tow trucks, Cheap Tow Trucks offers 24 hrs. tilt tray services. Get cheap towing services with skilled operators! Here are some of our most popular towing services:

  • Unwanted cars towing:
    Do you want your driveway or the perimeter of your home cleared and need to get rid of an old or junk car? Send it to the scrapyard and enjoy more space outside your house. We remove all types of cars no matter if they are damaged or abandoned cars. Our team will remove the car from your premises or outside your home in a short time.
  • Heavy machinery towing:
    Our tow truck rental services are available for all heavy haulage towing in Derrimut. We have heavy tow trucks that can transport bulky machines anywhere in the city.

List of Excavator, Trailer & Tilt Tray Towing Services that We Offer

Under our on call towing services, Cheap Tow Trucks offers Victoria wide towing at affordable rates. Here are some other towing services we offer:

  1. Excavator towing services:
    Excavators are heavy machines that are required to dig up the ground during the pre-construction stage. Our skilled team is well equipped to handle heavy machines and can transport them to your site safely as per your schedule.
  1. Heavy equipment towing:
    It is not easy to load and unload heavy equipment. Hastily trying to move such machines can lead to accidents and cause injuries. Our operators have several years of experience and training to ensure that heavy equipment can be moved on our tow truck with zero risk of damage and injury.
  2. Earthmoving equipment towing:
    You need to get the ground levelled before beginning the construction of a new building. While heavy earthmoving equipment makes this task easy, it is difficult to move bulky equipment from storage to a construction site. With our 24 hrs. tow truck service, you can get earthmoving machines transported to the construction site safely as per your schedule.
  3. Towing mini excavator:
    Engage our small truck towing services for the timely transport of mini excavators to your construction site. We offer competitive rates for all our towing services.
  4. Bobcat towing services:
    Do you need bobcats transported to any property or construction site in Derrimut? Our 24 hrs. tilt tray services are available to securely tow the bobcats. These machines help in clearing the land, constructing an approach path and driveway among other things. Moreover, they are in great demand nowadays for landscaping and construction activities.
  5. Heavy wrecker towing:
    You need a heavy wrecker to demolish the old buildings at your construction site, to pave way for new ones. We securely chain the heavy wrecker on our flatbed tow truck and transport it to your site.

You can also contact us for affordable tow truck services for the transport of various other machines and vehicles in Derrimut, such as:

  • Equipment towing services
  • Trailer towing services:
  • Boat towing services
  • Caravan towing services
  • Campervan towing services
  • Scissor lift towing services
  • Generator towing services
  • Auction machinery towing
  • Tractor towing services
  • Farm machinery towing services
  • Forklift towing services
  • Recovery vehicle services
  • Insurance work towing services

Why Choose Cheap Tow Trucks for 24/7 Emergency Towing Services?

We are a reliable towing services provider in Derrimut. Here are some reasons to choose Cheap Tow Trucks:

  • Wide range of towing solutions
  • Licenced operator
  • Tilt tray services
  • Adherence to timelines
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick towing services

Cheap Tow Trucks offers the best towing services at affordable prices in Derrimut. Call our team on 0404 112 227 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your towing requirement today!



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