Best Tow Trucks in Altona North – Cheap Tow Trucks for Cars and Tractors

As the leading tow truck rental provider in Altona North, Cheap Tow Trucks can help you transport machines, vehicles, tractors and other vehicles. Whether it is an unwanted car towing or a tractor that you wish to be towed to your construction site or farm, we offer some of the best towing services that are fully insured. Our experienced operators provide small truck towing services.

List of Heavy Wrecker, Earthmoving & Farm Machinery Towing Services

If you need to transport heavy machines, farm machinery and earthmoving equipment to your construction site, your farm or your industrial plant, we’ve got your back. As one of the top heavy equipment towing service providers in Altona North, we offer:

  1. Earthmoving equipment towing:
    One of the essential tasks before any kind of construction can commence is clearing and levelling the land with earth-moving equipment. Such equipment is heavy and needs a heavy tow truck to be transported to the site. Our skilled operators can securely transport every kind of earthmoving equipment at your site so that you meet your scheduled construction timelines.

  1. Heavy wrecker towing:
    Get heavy wreckers transported to your construction site with Cheap Tow Trucks. These are powerful machines that clear the site by demolishing old structures to pave the way for new construction. Our on call towing services ensure that the heavy wrecker is safely transported to your location.
  2. Excavator towing services:
    Excavators help in digging the ground for building a basement or laying a foundation. They also help in levelling the ground before the construction of a new building or house. We help to tow excavators at the construction site on schedule. Our trained operators can also help in towing mini excavators or bulky excavators, as per your requirements.
  1. Bobcat towing services:
    With their capacity to manoeuvre in the smallest of spaces, bobcats are used extensively for varied tasks such as landscaping, rock removal, construction of approach roads and driveways etc. With our 24 hrs. tilt tray service, our team helps in transporting bobcats that are used for clearing and levelling the ground.
  1. Tractor towing:
    If you need towing services for tractors to your farm, agricultural land or construction site, we are here to help. Our quick towing services transport a heavy tractor safely to any location in the city or across Victoria.
  1. Farm machinery towing:
    Tiling and other farming activities require the use of heavy equipment. Our tow truck hire services are available to tow any kind of farm machinery that you need to transport to your farm.

Here are some other services you can get at Cheap Tow Trucks:

  • Forklift towing services
  • Auction machinery towing
  • Trailer towing services
  • Heavy haulage towing
  • Heavy machinery towing
  • Scissor lift towing
  • Generator towing
  • Insurance work towing
  • Recovery vehicle services

Why Choose Cheap Tow Trucks for Boat & Caravan Towing Services?

Are you looking for boat towing services or caravan towing services in Altona North? Boats and caravans are heavy loads that need to be transported securely so that they are not damaged during the moving process. Avoid attempting to transport them yourself as your automobile may not support such heavy haulage and you may end up damaging your car’s engine or the boat/caravan.

Cheap Tow Trucks is here to offer campervan towing services in Altona North. Here are a few reasons to trust our experts with towing requirements:

  • Licensed operators
  • Insured services
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24 hrs. tow truck service
  • Victoria wide towing

Cheap Tow Trucks is here to provide quality towing needs in Altona North. Call us on 0404 112 227 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your equipment towing requirements and get an affordable tow truck or tilt tray services quote.



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