Excavators & Earthmoving Equipment

When talking about a construction job of any size, you can guarantee that there will be heavy-duty equipment on site. Whether it’s building a single house, constructing a whole development, or working on a large commercial project, earthmoving equipment is essential. Without this, builders would not be able to excavate the necessary soil and rock to make room for the structures and to install the foundations. These same earth-moving machines are also used for a variety of other jobs throughout the construction process, from digging, to demolition, transporting, carrying, and much more. Some things simply cannot be done by hand, so machinery is used to speed up the process and make impossible heavy lifting possible.

The definition of a piece of earth-moving equipment is rather simple: a piece of heavy equipment, usually heavy-duty vehicles, used in earthwork construction. This can range from excavators to bulldozers, and any other piece of machinery you often see on a construction site.

excavators & earthmoving equipment


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